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Fresh Like Patty Crumbz

Hot, hot, hot! Ward 21 is at it again with the release of their newest production, “Patty Crumbz Riddim”. Patty Crumbz which was released in May 2014 after three (3) months in production currently features eight (8) singles from members of the fresh yet fierce Badabadagang.

Dancehall artistes Marcy Chin, Timberlee, LOC, CK, Point O and DeeWunn have joined Ward 21 to bring this musical masterpiece to life. “We were all eating patties one day and talking about how not to get crumbs all over the place when it was being built” – the inspiration behind greatness is sometimes as simple as that.

Popular on the riddim is “No Means No” by Marcy Chin and Timberlee. The song which was written by both vocalists and Ward 21’s Kunley McCarthy is an anthem to lash out against rape and sexual harassment. When asked of her views on the topic, Chin stated “A rapist is rambunctious, s/he is a bully. This song was aimed at women, to help us to realize that in a situation such as that, we must acknowledge our right to our own bodies and we have to put up a fight.” She continued to echo the sentiments of McCarthy by saying “It also speaks to the psyche and emotions of our women who are constantly blamed for such an act. We are said to be rape baits because of what we choose to wear. I say let us dispel that. If I chose to become a nudist tomorrow, what RIGHT does a man or anyone have to have their way with me without my consent? KUFFINZ fi a rapa!”

Other songs on the riddim include “Spot The J” and “Feel Like” by Ward 21, “Gangsta” by Point O, “Jamdown Start Up” by DeeWunn featuring Marcy Chin, “Nuh Follow People” by LOC, “In The Air” by CK and “Mi Money” by Marcy Chin. The members of the Badabadagang have said that the public should expect to hear a lot more from them as they take Dancehall by storm. Stay tuned for the Patty Crumbz Mix, Badabadagang is for your entertainment!



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