Maddest And Di Baddest!
Maddest And Di Baddest!


Born David Christie, Point O was born and raised in Liberty District, St. Ann. He attended the Ferncourt High School before completing his education at the College of Hospitality.

Point O had his start in entertainment in 2003 but it wasn’t until 2009 that he started to take his dream of being a dancehall artiste more seriously and professionally, and with that came the name change. “I got my name from a friend who at the time thought that I had started to make some progress in my career. My name before that was “Original Champagne”. However, I didn’t think that Original Champagne was a suitable name to branch out with. So he just came to me one day and told me that I was starting to reach the Point of success and so he started calling me Point O. Immediately after that everyone in my district started calling me Point O.”  As for why he chose music, Point O expresses that music has always been something that he loved and enjoyed. “It’s been a part of me for a while and the truth is, as long as I am doing something that I am comfortable with and love to do I will do it to the best of my ability.” He has made that his modus operandi putting all his efforts into his music and ensuring that it’s what people want to hear.

The young artiste see entertainers like Ward 21, Assassin, Bounty Killer, Spragga Benz, Baby Cham and Vybz Kartel, as top dancehall artistes in the business and are key to his musical aspirations. “I look up to these artist because they are all very good at what they do, they are very lyrical, versatile and also I see them as being very hard workers.”

Point O understands that in this day and age, for artistes to be a mainstay in the business, they have to be able to reinvent themselves and be different. He believes he is just that. “I think it’s just me being me. I am really a down to earth person. I have my own unique way in which I do my music. But most of all I think the difference has to do more with the way in which I write my music. I can write a song that makes sense on any given beat. My writing skills could be classed as superb. For me, every one of my songs has to be properly constructed. Then I leave it all on the beat. I try not write the same way in which everyone else is doing. I might be writing about the same thing as others but the way in which I structure it will always be different, and due to the fact that the structuring of my songs are always so unexpected, when persons hear them, it always bring a smile to their face or I’ll get positive responses. I try my best to let the listeners enjoy what they are hearing so whether its the melody or words.”

So far, Point O has released a number of songs since his introduction to dancehall. Songs like Everyday, Love Gal Everyday, The Most Bun featuring Timberlee, More Gal, Big Up, The System featuring Camar, Bubble fi mi Baby, All Out, Bad Gyal Command, Protect My Life featuring CK, Nah give up and Don Dadda.

Point O believes it is important that music motivates an audience. “Many of the songs that I am doing will help to motivate and inspire the young people of today. The message that I send in such songs will help to boost their confidence and also to help them to become more ambitious persons in life.”

When he’s not focused on his music, Point O enjoys his down time by playing dominoes, draft, a game of football of course and he also extends his artistry to drawing.


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