CK! Hey Song Bird!

CK Bada Bada Yeah!
CK Bada Bada Yeah!

Clara Mkaamerica Kahwa, better known by her stage name CK, was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and lived there until the age of three before moving to Jamaica.

A St Andrew High School graduate, CK has been an entertainer since the tender age of six as a dancer. “I began dancing with Movements Dance Company of Jamaica when I was 14 and have been with them for 15 years. Being with a dance company taught me the art of performance and how to entertain. So before singing there was dance.”
At the age of 22, CK pursued a career in music but later brought it to a screeching halt as she was uncertain of where she wanted to be. “I wasn’t sure of who I was as an artiste and if this was truly what I wanted to do professionally. As I began to start living for and doing right by myself that the subconscious need to sing began to surface and when it did, it ignited this desire to pursue a career in it transforming into this person I envisioned myself being in life and on stage.”
CK draws her inspiration from life itself. “My personal experiences and the experiences of others and the way the music speaks to me all contribute to the inspired music I create. The young entertainer believes that it is who she is fused with the inspiration she receives that causes her to want to pursue this so badly. “I’m not doing this because I can and there’s an opportunity to, but because if I’m not able to do it, a part of me is unfulfilled. There’s a sense of freedom I feel when I’m performing that no other activity gives me and it’s the need for that self-fulfillment and finally feeling that my life has some purpose that drives me to do this, entertain.”
This is what also causes her to be different from most. “I am hoping that when people listen and watch CK in action, they see a woman who is lost in the music and sings with meaning, that she is genuine with who she is and her music, that her music is relatable and she’s not just playing a role. She is a performer and wants to give people an experience with her music.”
CK expresses that Beyoncé for her is one musician that will always be a cut above the rest. “Her class, professionalism, passion and strength she exhibits on and off stage. She is a performer and a showstopper. She embraces her femininity and is an advocate of the empowerment of women and these are attributes I work towards achieving as a woman and an artiste.”
At this point CK is well on her way. Already with a string of songs for music lovers, like Tonight, Love Design, Love Song, Heartbreaker, Mi link Heavy, You got me, Lap Dance, True Colours (Reggae Cover) and Party up in Here, which she recently shot s video for.

The singer explains that although True Colours is not her original song, it is one htat she enjoys performing. “It is a very inspirational track. One of my aims with music is to uplift people and let them know they are not alone in whatever circumstances they may be going through and I’m able to relate to. I am cognizant of the fact that children are listening to my music, so I do try to censor my lyrics if needs be , but it is also important to me that I am honest with myself and my music as a woman, so I try to strike a balance.”


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