I'm enjoying myself.... Pause.. one more puff and I might take off.
I’m enjoying myself…. Pause.. one more puff and I might take off.


Hip Hop music in Jamaica is still a subculture in a Dancehall and Reggae oriented sphere. Damone Gervais Walker, better known as DeeWunn is aiming to influence that a little bit more with his Hip Hop flow.

Dee Wunn grew up in the old city of Spanish Town and attended the St. Catherine High School. As a youngster, the influx of Hip Hop was very influential on DeeWunn and it wasn’t long before his love for the art grew.

Though his official baptism in the entertainment business was in 2010, DeeWunn has been recording since 2001 with his then Hip Hop group – 13th Tribe. DeeWunn explained that the notion of having a music career was borne out of a love for music and him taking the time to learn his craft and honing his skills. “I felt that after developing my flow, it was time for the world to hear something fresh and different from the norm.”
For DeeWunn, it’s important to be different from the rest. For starters, he’s not afraid to be exactly who he is and express that in his music. “I actually make it cool to be one’s self within my music. I like to say that anybody that listens or follows my music can be my friend because my music is 100% Damone. I don’t make up stuff to put in my music, its all real.” Lyrically, DeeWunn is witty. His ability to fuse his Dancehall and Hip hop influences is ever-present. “I think that my edge is that I am able to make people laugh while still being lyrical. It is how I merge the Hip Hop and Dancehall genres, which is something I learned from the 13th Tribe when I just started. At the time we dubbed this particular sound as ‘Yardcore’,” Dee Wunn said.

Since 2007, DeeWunn has released a total of 7 mixtapes and slew of singles including Paparazzi, Talk Bout Dat, Burberry featuring Timberlee, Wushu, 6’7 freestyle, Daddy On The Mic feat Ward 21 and Bunx Up featuring Marcy Chin.
Dee Wunn lists Ward 21 among the entertainers they look up to in the business. “Back in 1999 I only listened to Hip Hop and Ward 21’s sound came closest to a mixed genre. They made it cool to have fun with music.” He also mentions Baby Cham, Mad Cora and Spragga Benz as impressive because of their lyrical content, style and flow.



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