BadaBada Bad Bitch Without Apologies...
BadaBada Bad Bitch Without Apologies…


Timberlee and music are a match made in Heaven, no pun intended. From her inception to her breakout hit song Bubble Like Soup, Timberlee has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. If asked, she will say, “music is what comes naturally to me. After trying out several other career paths, I choose music.”

Born and raised in the cool parish of Manchester, Timberlee Heaven attended the Belair High School, a place where she considered herself a rebel and spent much of her free time pumping gas at daddy’s gas station. She had always maintained and interest in the music business and while her parents tried to challenge this, a headstrong Timberlee was not to be deterred.

In 2003 she, by chance, recorded her first single Prada Gucci (Independent Gal) on Don Corleon’s Trifecta riddim. Even then, while still in school, Timberlee had her hopes of becoming a veterinarian or a chef… go figure.

When Bubble Like Soup stormed on to the charts in 2006 and had such an impact on the dancehall scene, Timberlee made the all-important decision to take on music as a career fulltime, taking a sabbatical from Concordia University in Canada where she was undertaking a bachelors degree in Psychology and minor in child education.

Timeberlee has since finished her first degree as well as a certificate in Culinary Arts at the Culinary Education of Monmout County in New Jersey and is now working on a second degree in business administration. All this while devoting her time to producing good music for her fans. The diva believes that reputation is very important in the music industry and tries to stay away from negativity. Her split personality in her songs shuts out all monotony as she is always able to interchange on the tracks. As for what inspires this, Timberlee quips, “ my inspiration comes from my vision of how this story ends; my short and long term goals.”

The vivacious Gemini respects very much those that came before her and highlights artistes like Bounty Killer and Ward 21 for the work that they have done. “I respect Bounty Killer for being a wise and genuine mentor, Ward 21 for staying motivated and true to authentic dancehall production regardless of being heavily underrated, Konshens for independently making himself into a successful brand, Baby Cham for his consistent hits, Elephant Man for his extensive vocal range, Lady Saw for maintaining her figure and remaining relevant and Vybz Kartel for breaking all lyrical barriers.”

In any conversation one will come to find that Timberlee doesn’t just have one personality and this is something that is also evident in her music. So far the artiste has released tracks like Backdoor Delivery, Fashionista, Push Back, Prescription Makeup, Inna Me Bedroom, I Wanna Be On Top, Get Vex featuring DeeWunn, The General, Heels, Bubble Like Soup, Wretchinel, Wifey Role, Hair Do, Tump Mi just to name a few.

With so much work already done, Timberlee’s aim in dancehall is to continue to thrill her audience with the dancehall/Reggae sounds, rhythms and lyrics that they have come to know and love.



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