The sensimilla mek mi feel like mi know Tai Chi...
The sensimilla mek mi feel like mi know Tai Chi…

For LOC, music isn’t merely a career, it’s a passion…his passion. “There is nothing I love doing more,” is what he will tell you on any given day.

Born Antonio Manuel Bennett, LOC grew up in both Kingston and St. Catherine. He attended the Meadowbrook High School, where at 15 his interest in the entertainment industry and music was piqued. However, it wasn’t until he graduated from the University of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance that he started to take his passion seriously. “Around 2007 was when I officially started a career in the entertainment business. It was at that time that I started to do work for others outside of recording my own music. I did graphic designing and music video editing,” At that time, his name was actually Tone Loc. “My friend gave that name to me, but somebody already had it. I realized after that a number of my songs had me screaming ‘Loc! Loc! Loc’, so to fix things we cut the “Tone” and kept the “LOC”. Which means “Lyrically Overshadowing my Competition”

The artiste who enjoys partying and chilling with friends, holds fellow entertainers like Bounty Killa, Ward 21 and Shaggy in high esteem and noted them for their philanthropic efforts. “They are always giving back. Whether it is to their community or helping young upcoming artistes get to where they want to be or close to it,” he explains.

Now with over 100 songs in his catalogue, including Walking On Air, Turn Me On, Rocket Ship, Sail Away and Usain Bolt, LOC thrives on the difference that he is in this business. “I don’t want to be an ‘entertainer’ as some people call it. I want to be an artiste whose craft is respected and appreciated.” Truth be told, when listening to his music, one can readily note that he is different. “I am an out of the box type of artiste. If you hear me do a song, don’t expect to hear 10 others just like it. As a lover of music, I’m always trying new things to see what works and what does not,” LOC continued.

LOC draws his inspiration from the life around him. His music infuses the good, the bad and the ugly. However, he acknowledges that young people are avid consumers of the music and as such also uses his songs to encourage them to work hard for everything. “Don’t be envious of others. Be patient, give gratitude and your just reward will surface.”


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