Watch as CK answers some of your questions…



  1. #BBG: Keep an ear out for our projects! We’re here to BOLDLY #SaveTheMusic.
  2. #BBG: Music that will make you FEEEL good! – On the Morning of Christmas we’re giving back to our supporters here on twitter 🙂


  3. #BBG: This Christmas we are celebrating the hard work we’ve put in – so u can enjoy high caliber of Dancehall Music ! .. COnt’d


  4. #BBG: We are sticklers for KNOWLEDGE and MUSIC HISTORY. We celebrate it and we honor it. #Authenticity is our mantra.


  5. #BBG:Members Marcy Chin&DeeeWunn r also feat’d on Ward21 ‘s NEW ALBUM #StillDisturbed w/single MIC MAGICIAN – see Vid:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqBopETgbd4 …

  6. #BBG: Has churned hits like : Tifa’s “Spell it out” and mega hit Timberlee’s ” Bubble Like Soup” & currently DeeWunn’s “Mek It Bunx UP”

  7. #BBG: This year BBG released our 1st official project (as a renewed camp) : The #DuttyFowl Riddim, that features only the artistes of #BBG

  8. #BBG: This camp was born out of the love for the Dancehall genre, however.. we make almost all genres of music. 

  9. #BBG is doing a Give Away This Christmas. 

  10. #BBG: Currently has 6 Budding artistes: Marcy Chin, LOC (@FollowLOC ), DeeWunn (@DeeWUNN), Point O (@POINT_O ) and CK ( @Ck_muzik)

  11. #BBG: Gave you @TimberleeMusic ! And she’s back with a vengeance.

  12. #BBG: Only authentic (Tump out yuh ches’ kick off yuh face) dancehall/Reggae beats come out of this camp.


  13. Things you should know about #BBG: Gang is governed by the Legends of dancehall @Ward21Music cc: @sukuward

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